The best way to donate to a charity is to work out whether they are the right charity for you and to write a cheque to the charity and give them the cheque or mail it to their address. The cost of this option is the postage stamp and envelope. For ideas on whether a charity is the right charity for you see the note “How to Decide Which Charity to Support”.

The next best way is to go the website of a charity and donate directly on the website. To find a website, type in the name of the charity in Google and if it has a website it will appear very quickly. The cost is the credit card costs to the charity and the charity’s costs of maintaining the ecommerce on their website.

Finally the next best way to donate to a charity that does not have a website, or you cannot find the website, is to use the registered charity This website has a list of almost all of the 86,000 registered charities in Canada and you can donate to any of them via this website. The cost to the charity is 3.9% of the donation made using a credit card if the charity has a free account with CanadaHelps – otherwise it is 4.9%.